Celestial Reflection


Image Credit & Copyright: Royce Bair.

Happy first day of spring to everyone here in the Northern Hemisphere and for my upside down friends, welcome to fall, my favorite season.

Let’s kick the season off with another terrific image by one of the best night sky imagers out there today, Royce Bair. Day or night the Utah landscape is a sight to see from its wilderness to its desert scenes and land formations.

In this image the Milky Way galaxy stands vertical light years beyond, while the colors of Earth as well as the silhouetted forest reflect off a nearby lake on the edge of the High Uintas Wilderness near Hayden Pass. The green airglow at the left of the image serves as a wonderful color contrast with the red orange hue of Salt Lake City, 55 miles away. I can’t wait to get out this summer and attempt some Milky Way shots myself.

This image was captured in summer of 2012 and is still a favorite of mine. Be sure to check out more of his work as it’s always a treat.

Milky Way Nightscapes E-Book: http://intothenightphoto.blogspot.com/2015/01/milky-way-nightscapes-ebook-preview.html

Royce’s Blog: http://intothenightphoto.blogspot.com/

Photography Blog (Day & Night): http://roycebair.blogspot.com/

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