Spring Moon and Jupiter


Image Credit & Copyright: Me.

Here’s just a quick capture of tonight’s Moon and Jupiter pairing (Monday, March 21, 2016). There was nothing truly remarkable about this get together aside from the fact that it, (as all close approaches of two or more celestial objects) provided a chance to admire the cosmos and to gain some perspective to its vastness.

Though the Moon and Jupiter are about three degrees apart in this image, keep in mind that that’s just their apparent distance because the Moon which is roughly 240,000 miles away is virtually on our doorstep compared to the 414 million mi (667 million km or 4.5 AU) distant Jupiter. In this image you can also see three of four of Jupiter’s Galilean moons but in fact the moon closest to Jupiter, just below it, is actually two of the moons close together.

NOTE: If you have binoculars have a look at Jupiter anytime and you will be able to make out the four Galilean moons. Look again in an hour and they will have changed position which is pretty cool.

This is a combination of two images; one for the Moon which I shot at f4.5, ISO250 at 1/200 and one for Jupiter which I shot at f4.5 ISO 250 but for a full second. If I wanted a bright Jupiter it would have washed out the moon and if I wanted Moon detail it would have nearly blacked out Jupiter so I went with two shots and combined the two. The Galilean moons have also been highlighted slightly to help show their positions.  They run from about 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock and they are Ganymede, Europa & Io (close together) and Callisto up high by itself.

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