Ground Control


Image Credit & Copyright: Bryan Hansel.

How about some “wow” factor to start your weekends? This image was captured by Bryan Hansel in Minnesota and what an image it is. Here we see a lone radio tower stretching up into the green aurora borealis washed night sky. A couple things that I love about this image is that the angle really gives a great sense of size scale. The northern lights seem to dominate and engulf the radio tower and anything else that may be lucky enough to witness the event.

Secondly, I really love the structure of the lights themselves. Instead of seeing a curtain in the distance, this one’s sitting right on top of you, almost like looking into the eye of a storm.

Fantastic image and I would urge all of you to get out and see this phenomenon for yourselves.







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1 Response to Ground Control

  1. 4SpaceVash says:

    Phenomenal indeed!

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