Alton Bay Testing



Images Credit & Copyright: Me. Feel free to use with proper credit, thanks.

I’ve always wanted to get up to Alton Bay, NH to test the night sky up there but I’ve never wanted to spend an entire night someplace if I wasn’t sure of the light pollution. Well a couple weeks ago, during new moon week of course I noticed that it would be clear until about midnight so if I went up I’d have a couple quality hours before the clouds rolled in, perfect.

I just went down Route 11 to a rest stop near the Mt. Major trail head and went to work. I saw this tree standing taller than its neighbors and did a few quick shots with and without light painting. Which ones best, you decide?

Then I literally just turned around to the carved cliff face across the highway and did a few more there as well, same settings and light painting effects resulting in the images below.  The bright spot is Jupiter.

All in all I didn’t break any records or create multiple works of art but I did discover that Alton Bay, though not great, it’s a pretty good night sky shooting location. Far better than my southern NH red zone and I also discovered a few more locations I want to try when I get back up that way.

I hope you like these images.



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2 Responses to Alton Bay Testing

  1. jupiterbeings says:

    Great shots.

    • AstroDan77 says:

      Thanks! I’m really not great at it yet but it’s slowly coming together. It’s actually pretty difficult to get a real dark location here as well. Even if you have a dark sky, the southern horizon is still pretty bright.


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