June’s Electric Skies (revisited)


Images Credit & Copyright: Me. Feel free to use and abuse as long as you credit me, thanks.

Just wanted to add these three images to the “My Images” tab on the right of the page. These are images from the June 21, 2015 solar storm when the Sun unleashed a massive “full-halo” coronal mass ejection (CME). They’re called full-halo because when seen in images, a CME fired directly at the Earth doesn’t shoot off to one side or the other. Instead it’s like looking down the barrel of a 900,000 mile diameter plasma gun.

The resulting impact on the Earth’s magnetosphere created a very powerful, G4 (KP8) geomagnetic storm on the night of Monday the 22nd and well into the morning of Tuesday the 23rd. This, the second largest event of Solar Cycle 24 sent aurora as far south as Virginia which is similar to the March event (St Patrick’s Day & the strongest event of Solar Cycle 24) if I remember correctly. Remembering that the Earth has two poles; Australia and locations in the Southern Hemisphere also bore witness to this event.

These images that I captured were taken along New Hampshire’s famous Kancamagus Highway at the Hairpin Gazebo rest area. Like in most cases, long exposure imagery like I’ve done here shows so much more color than you’re able to see with your eyes. Eyes are instantaneous while long exposure photography can pool light for however long you want before creating an image. That being said, I was in awe the entire time. It was mostly cloudy when I arrived but soon after, the sky opened up and the show began. You could see vast curtains of light dimly shaded green, growing and weakening while pulses of light traveled up then causing a flickering if you will. Just an amazing night; the likes of which I haven’t seen since early 2000’s during the peak of Solar Cycle 23.

My Aurora Guide: https://danspace77.com/aurora-guide/


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