Milky Way Above Zabriskie Point


Image credit & copyright: Jeremy Johnson.

Nothing lasts forever, not us, not the Earth, not the Milky Way and perhaps not even the universe itself. What we see every day here on Earth may seem pretty reliable and unchanging. Aside from the occasional major earthquake we don’t ever take note of the fact that the Earth is never settled but instead the ground under our feet is constantly in motion. The landscape we see today will almost certainly not look as it does millions of years from now and we should allow this image to serve as a reminder.

This beautiful image by Jeremy Johnson delivers us to another place as we see the Milky Way galaxy rising high above what appears to be an alien landscape. Almost dreamlike in its presentation, this landscape is something you’d expect to see in the movie Interstellar. You’d be forgiven to think that, but this location is very real and it’s a place that I’ve been to on two occasions myself. It’s a location in Death Valley known as Zabriskie Point after Christian Brevoort Zabriskie and what we’re looking at here is the eroded remains of Furnace Creek Lake which has been extinct for some 5 million years.

Just a beautiful image.

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