The Ignorance of Nibiru



Illustration credit & copyright: JPL; Batygin and Brown/Caltech.

You know, I usually refrain from even writing posts like these for two main reasons. One is that they’re a complete waste of my or anyone else’s time and second is that when you’re dealing with people who don’t require facts and evidence to “know” something is real, then reason and logic isn’t something they will be receptive to anyway.  I may use the word “ignorant” a few times here and that shouldn’t necessarily be taken to be derogatory.  After all, ignorant simply means you don’t know enough about a particular subject and we all fit into that category many times over.  When I will be directing it as a derogatory term it will be at those who are willfully ignorant.  That is to say, to those who speak factually about topics they clearly don’t know anything about; those who in the face of overwhelming facts and evidence still believe what they believe because…..well, who knows why actually.  This goes for all of those who host websites and Instagram pages that promote every conspiracy or doomsday that comes along and denounces every scientific breakthrough based on nothing but their superior intellect I guess.  What they’re doing is praying on those who are innocently ignorant and brain washing them into believing what they have to say (Jonestown or Waco ring a bell).  The unfortunate thing is that some will believe it.  Why?  Who knows, perhaps they desire life to be more exciting than they see it currently.

So this is a short lay down of the facts regarding the tired and quite frankly boring doomsday threat of Nibiru or Planet-X. This isn’t a debate and I’m not going to respond to those who refute this because as I said, there is no debate.  And when we take a closer look at where this all came from, it’s almost embarrassing that there are adults out there that promote this bullshit.  If I sound somewhat short and condescending in this writing it’s probably because I am.  I’d rather be writing about and showing off the world’s progress in actual science.  My sincere apologies to those of you who are as tired of this ignorance laced nonsense as I am.

First of all the only reason that I’m addressing this is because in the past few months we’ve been learning of a proposed new planet proposed by actual astronomers, Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin which, if discovered would be just that. There are six objects beyond the orbit of Pluto whose orbits lend themselves to interference by a 10 Earth mass object. This object could be anywhere from 200 to 1,200 AU from the Sun.  1 AU is the average distance from the Earth and Sun.  Neptune, for example is about 30 AU from the Sun. Let’s also be clear, before the lunatics among us grabbed hold of the term Planet-X, it was actually coined by Percival Lowell in the early 20th century and used by subsequent astronomers while researching real solar system complexities.

The origins of the Nibiru apocalypse are as twisted from reality as you would imagine. Logic veered off course in 1995 when Nancy Lieder of Wisconsin was contacted by gray aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system and implanted sensors in her head that allow her to communicate with them.  They informed her that a solar system body called “Planet-X” (crazy that they use that name just like Earthling astronomers) would be passing through the inner solar system and that action would subsequently cause the Earth to stop rotating for exactly 5.9 days and cause an actual (not magnetic) pole shift as Planet-X sailed on by.  That would then destabilize Earth’s core and displace its surface and destroy civilization and she was instructed to warn humanity of the impending doom. She then started the website Zeta Talk, not to pray on those who don’t know any better, but to help spread the word as the aliens had asked.

The aliens told her that the incoming 1997 comet Hale-Bopp didn’t even exist and was a fraud created to distract people from the impending doom of Planet-X and that it was just another star in the sky and would get no closer.  She said this after Hale-Bopp’s discovery when it was nothing more than a point of light on the night sky. Imagine her surprise when it turned out to be one of the best, brightest, longest observed and well tracked comets in the last couple centuries.  Imagine that, astronomers who are trained to hunt comets were right.  Not to mention, if it were just another star, where the hell was it before?  Does she think that stars just appear in the sky randomly?   Ok, so what about the Planet-X claims, when are we scheduled to meet our doom?  Well, apparently these aliens are just as effective with communication as we are here on Earth today because they told her that the Planet-X doomsday was May 27, 2003.

Science 2 – Nut Jobs 0.

To combat this obvious doomsday failure, she stated that it was a “white lie to fool the establishment” and that telling the real date would give governments enough time to declare Martial Law which would trap people in cities during the pole shift so for everyone’s safety, she refused to tell the real date.

You don’t say…..

In 2012 she stated that Obama attempted to announce that Nibiru was present in the solar system but wasn’t able to. She was calling it Nibiru by now because she hijacked the name from Zecharia Sitchin.  She then said Obama was scheduled to alert the world to the fact that Nibiru was near the Sun on October 20, 2014.  To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t.  Her reasoning for this was because of “consternation amongst the establishment”………..sigh.  It’s crazy that nobody saw a 4 Earth sized planet next to the Sun….not 1 of the tens of thousands of astronomers, amateurs like myself, professionals, major telescopes whether land or space based caught it.  Shucks.

Strange seeing they have so many images of lens flare, uh, I mean Planet-X on the website.

Science 4 – Nut Jobs 0.

Just to touch on Zecharia Sitchin and the name Nibiru for a moment. He wrote a book (obviously) called “The 12th Planet” a true story of a massive planet that passes by Earth every 3,600 years.  When that happens the beings that live there get to interact with humanity and the last time they swung by was in 556 BC and they interacted with the Sumerians which is where the Annunaki or “ancient aliens” and Earth’s first gods came from.  Its next return would be around 2,900 AD.  You want actual evidence?  Well you won’t find any aside from Sitchin writing a book.  That sounds oddly familiar.  None the less, he did not approve of Leider using the name Nibiru and slapping it on her Planet-X story because the timeframe of the two objects do not line up.

Since then the firing squad of bullshit has been attacking on all sides. Every comet, asteroid, eclipse, ancient calendar change or newly discovered solar system body is Nibiru.  The story constantly morphs into whatever these internet crackpots can get people who don’t know any better to believe.  Nibiru is a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a brown dwarf, second Sun etc.  Literally just talking out of their ears and alerting the world to their ignorance because they don’t know anything about the actual subjects they’re talking about.  They just babble and people keep bobble heading and following along with whatever factless, evidence void story they want to come up with.  It’s just pathetic.

I could continue but I’m not going to waste any more of our time. If you believe in this nonsense, that, right there in the writing above is the foundation of your beliefs and you are wrong just as every previous attempt in the history of doomsday theories have also been wrong.  It doesn’t matter how much you believe it, how bad you want it to be true or how angry you get reading this.  You should be angry, for falling for bullshit like this time and time again.

One more thing, you don’t believe in it, you’re lying to yourself and you’re falling for it. I know a few folks who unfortunately believe in every new end of world scenario, and it’s actually pretty comical because they have no problem giving you lip service but the fact is that they don’t live it nor do you.  They would get red faced angry when I’d call them out on believing in the 2012 doomsday nonsense, yet they didn’t quit their jobs, they complained about overtime and even though death in the next few days was certain, these frauds didn’t live it for a minute and either do you.  Every Nibiru claim you make will always be wrong, every doomsday scenario not based in fact and delivered from those who know what they’re looking at will be wrong, and every apocalyptic date you set will pass uneventfully, always.

For those of you out there that might be on the fence (somehow) realize that the people that promote this junk don’t know what they’re talking about. Their babble about solar system objects like comets etc. don’t pass the scrutiny of initial questioning.  Question BS put forth by people who don’t require facts and evidence to shore up the foundation of their beliefs.  When you question, respond to their answer with follow up questions and you will quickly see that their “knowledge” is only superficial BS and not knowledge of any subject at all.  When they claim something such as, “NASA admits…” ask immediately for the source.  Ask for the article or press release they’re citing and you will quickly find out that there is no source to cite because NASA never said……

Oh and by the way, all previous doomsday scenarios have been false…….after all, we’re still here to believe every new one that comes along right? Here’s a quick look at some past doomsday scenarios whose promoters were “certain” of.

  1. Christian ministers Mark Blitz and John Hagee played on the fear of a Christian nation by doodling up the Blood Moon Prophecy of the 2014-2015 Tetrad (Tetrad = 4 consecutive total lunar eclipses) saying it was the second coming of Christ.   Amazingly, they were wrong and perhaps if they had referenced some actual astronomy material they would have seen that there are 8 Tetrads in the 21st century alone.
  2. Dec 21, 2012…..enough said.

Actually, here. Here’s a list of most of the good ones, enjoy:


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1 Response to The Ignorance of Nibiru

  1. David Tilley says:

    I remember well when Jack Van Impe was preaching the gloom and doom Y2K thing on his shows. I’m a software developer. I’ve been in IT going on 35 years. I e-mailed him and told him there were too many of us who had been working too long and too hard to prevent exactly what he was preaching from happening, and that I actually kind of resented the implication that we were all apparently incompetent idiots. I said sure, there might be isolated problems, but that was all. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Needless to say, I never received a reply from him.

    As it turns out, maybe we did TOO GOOD of a job, because after the dust had settled, there were so few problems that some people started saying that the whole thing was a hoax we IT people dreamed up just so we could make money. HAH! I gotta admit, that would;ve been a dang good idea!! I’m not that smart, though.

    I’m a Bible-believing, born-again Christian who absolutely loves science. I suppose that’s sort of a rare combination. Anyway, Jesus said that nobody knows the date of his next coming, and I believe Him. Personally, and this is strictly my opinion with no evidence to prove it, I believe the date is not necessarily set in stone. I believe the date might be delayed, and may have even already been delayed, in order to give more people time to be Saved. The Bible says there will be worldwide revival and cleansing of the Church before it happens. That hasn’t happened yet. So, just my opinion, and worth every penny you paid for it.

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