Big Sur Sky


Image credit & copyright: Jeremy Johnson.

California’s Rt. 1 is a drive everyone should make at least once in their lives. The entire stretch is a wonder to see with incredible views that impose a sense of awe. This image by Jeremy Johnson is of a particularly beautiful location along the drive called Bixby Creek Bridge about 120 miles south of San Francisco.

This 280 ft. high 714 ft. long bridge opened in 1932 and before that time, those living in the Big Sur area were all but cut off from the surrounding area in winter. At the time, at 320 ft. this was also the longest concrete arch span bridge bridge in California. The entire bridge is 714 ft. but we’re talking about the arch segment.

How do you make this location even more beautiful? Capture the Milky Way galaxy stretching across the sky far beyond and its mission accomplished here for sure. Don’t forget, it is Milky Way season so if you haven’t been out to see our home star city from a dark location near you, you have roughly through fall before the winter constellations show up and the Milky Way is no longer visible.

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