Window to the Universe



All images credit & copyright: Daniel LaShomb (Me). As always, feel free to use with credit.

As it seems with every year the summer rolls by too fast and with it, Milky Way season and those incredible warm nights are quickly coming to a close as well. No need to get too worried because the cold of winter also brings long, dark nights and a new sky to entertain us until next spring.

This particular sequence of night sky images was shot on the night of Monday, August 29 and the morning of Tuesday, August 30, 2016 in the Franconia Notch region of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. From hiking in darkness to standing on a mountain top under a universe stars to driving down creepy dirt roads to listening to nature at the edge of some secluded body of water; every night sky trip is not just a chance to decompress, it’s also a chance for new adventure, experiences and memories.

I hope you all enjoy these images as I’m still honing my skills as I gain experience. Have a great day!






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