Pumpkins in Pittsburgh



Images credit & copyright: Me, Daniel LaShomb. Feel free to use and abuse as always with credit.

I’m not entirely happy with these images but I also really like them and the idea behind it. In these images I drove up to Pittsburgh, New Hampshire to hopefully catch the aurora borealis with no success.  So with cloud cover thinking about moving in, I made do with the pumpkins that I had in my truck from Cider Hill farm in Amesbury, Mass.  I’ve wanted to try something with pumpkins for a while but had never really planned out the shoot which you should always try to do.

I drove into Lake Francis State Park, found a picnic table and set up as quickly as I could. I originally had many more leaves set up and a few apples as well but the wind blew most of the leaves away and the apples just looked too out of place for my liking.  Next time I may actually try apples again but I will use apples that still have slight stems and a couple leaves attached to them.  I believe that would prevent them from looking too staged, not that the pumpkins don’t.  As for the leaves, I suppose I’ll hope for a calmer night.

To shoot this image was much trickier than I had anticipated. I had to shoot close to the pumpkins to get them to fill the image but doing that meant keeping them slightly out of focus as long as I wanted an in focus night sky.  Also, being close up meant that the outer two pumpkins look bowed inward at the top due to the wide angle lens.  Next time I may try to shoot further back then crop the image in post processing.  I actually tried a few with the pumpkins in focus and the sky out of focus but it didn’t work here.  That technique does have its place though and the slightly out of focus stars really added star color and I may try something like this soon.

Finally, I had to shoot low. That is to say, I had to position the camera low in regard to the pumpkins, almost looking up at them.  Otherwise the trees in the background would have taken up most of the image and the night sky would have been lost.  You can kind of see what I mean in the second image.  Next time I’ll be looking for a lower tree line and perhaps some leafless maples vs the evergreens.  So many activities…..

In all, it was a great night of experimentation and I hope you enjoy my first attempt at this, thanks.


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