Image credit & copyright: Tassanee Angiolillo.

For us here in the Northern Hemisphere, nights have grown long, the air has become chilled and only memories of this year’s hot summer nights will get us through until 2017. Here’s one such memory of our home star city, the Milky Way galaxy as we see it from the viewpoint of Tassanee Angiolillo from California’s Joshua Tree National Park.

If you’ve followed this page for a while, you understand my love affair with the American Southwest. It’s a mesmerizing land where day and night your senses are in awe of its features from its wide open horizons, to its cliffs and valleys, to its solitude and perilous peace, and to of course, to its window to the universe.

It’s been quite a while since my last visit, but it’s a place that I miss almost every day.

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