Skyglow Project

Images and video credit & copyright: Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic.

I’ve shown work from these guys before as I’ve been following this project for some time and they’ve all been incredible images.  But after three years of intense effort which included traveling more than 150,000 miles across the continent and accumulating more than 3,000,000 images, Gavin Heffernan of Sunchaser Pictures and Harun Mehmedinovic have completed and releases the final product known as SKYGLOW PROJECT.

The Skyglow Project uses images, time lapses and information to take you on a journey across North America and introduces you to its dark sky locations to drive home the impact that light pollution is having on our night skies and environment. It’s one thing to be in favor of a movement like this, but it’s another thing completely to take the initiative to apply that motivation and embark on an incredible undertaking like this.  We should all applaud and appreciate what these guys have achieved.  Bravo fellas!

In addition to all of this, they’ve created a special timelapse from the legendary observatories high atop Maune Kea, Hawaii called “POLI’AHU.”  Have a great weekend everyone!

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