Star Birth in the Bull

Image credit & copyright: Adam Block/Mt. Lemmon Sky Center.

Roughly 500 light years away in the northern constellation Taurus “The Bull” is this incredible reflection nebula cataloged as Sharpless 2-239, which itself is imbedded in the Taurus Molecular Cloud. What we’re actually looking at here is a group of newborn stars roaring into life; particularly IRS5 or HH154, a newborn binary pair that’s making the biggest splash here in this image.  As its jets impact the surrounding star forming hydrogen material warms and illuminates that region.

Name: Sharpless 2-239, Sh 2-239.

What is it?: Stellar birth.

How far away is it?: About 500 light years.

Where is it? (General): Constellation Taurus “The Bull.”

Where is it? (Exact RA/Dec J2000): RA 04h 31m 18s / Dec +18° 06′ 00″.

Adam Block:



University of Arizona SkyCenter:

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