Soyuz Progress MS-06 (Progress 67) Station Resupply

Images credit & copyright: Roscosmos.

Launch Alert! Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 05:20 EDT (09:20 UTC) a Russian Soyuz 2.1a rocket will deliver a Progress MS cargo ship designated “Progress MS-06” (67P or Progress 67 by NASA) to the International Space Station (ISS) from Launch Complex 31/6 (LC-31/6) at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. When it docks to the aft port of the Zvezda Service Module on Friday, June 16, it will deliver roughly 2,400 lb. (1,110 kg) of food, fuel and supplies.

This will be the 156th Progress flight and the 67th to the ISS in its nearly 40 year history.

Roscosmos Progress MS Spacecraft: The Roscosmos, Progress MS spacecraft is one of only four spacecraft (along with SpaceX’s Dragon, Orbital ATK’s Cygnus & JAXA’s HTV) that can resupply the International Space Station (ISS). It is expendable so it doesn’t have cargo return capability like SpaceX’s Dragon but it can dock to Station without having to be captured and berthed.  ESA’s ATV was the only other cargo vehicle that could accomplish this.

Progress is an un-crewed, three-module design (forward, fuel & propulsion) derived from the crew rated Soyuz spacecraft and is very similar in size and appearance. At 7.23 m (23.7 ft.) tall and 2.72m (8.9 ft.) in diameter, it has a volume of 7.6 m3 (268 ft.3) and a total payload capacity of 2,400 kg (5,300 lb.). Progress can remain at Station for about six months where is also serves for station-keeping, which is where the orbit of the ISS is raised after atmospheric drag reduces its orbital energy.

Also; it’s important to use the “Progress” designation more than ever as the cargo missions “Progress MS” and the crew rated “Soyuz MS” are both using the MS numbering configuration using the Soyuz & Progress titles to differentiate.

TsSKB-Progress Soyuz 2.1a (Soyuz ST) Rocket: The TsSKB-Progress Soyuz 2.1a (often called Soyuz ST) rocket is a three stage rocket that stands 46.2 m. (152 ft.) tall with a diameter of 10.3 m. (34 ft.) at its base and is for the most part, a digitally upgraded Soyuz U (analog based) launch vehicle (as is the 2.1b).

Payloads to Orbit (Soyuz 2.1a):

Low Earth Orbit (LEO): 4,850 kg (10,692 lb.)

Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO): 4,400 kg (9,700 lb.)

Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO): 3,250 kg. (7,170 lb.)

Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO): 1,440 kg. (3,170 lb.)

Payload Fairing: Soyuz’s payload fairing is a two-shell protective enclosure 11.4 m (37 f. 5 in.) in length, 4.11 m (13 f. 6 in.) in diameter and protects the spacecraft during launch and the turbulence of ascent before being jettisoned.

Fregat Upper Stage (3rd stage): The Fregat upper stage is 1.5 m (4 ft. 11 in.) in length with a diameter of 3.35 m (11 ft.). Its single S5.92 engine uses nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4) for fuel and unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) as an oxidizer, delivering 19.85 kN (4,600 lb.) of thrust and a burn time of 1,100 seconds and can be restarted 20 times in flight.

Second Stage (ST-B): ST-B stage is 6.7 m (22 ft.) in length with a diameter of 2.66 m (8 ft. 9 in.). Its single RD-0124 engine uses liquid oxygen (LOX) as fuel and Kerosene as an oxidizer, delivering 297.9 kN (67,000 lb.) of thrust and a burn time of 270 seconds.

Core Stage (1st stage): Core stage is 27.1 m (89 ft.) in length with a diameter of 2.95 m (9 ft. 8 in.). It single RD-180A engine uses liquid oxygen (LOX) as fuel and Kerosene as an oxidizer, delivering 792.5 kN (178,200 lb.) of thrust and a burn time of 286 seconds.

Boosters: Soyuz’s 4 boosters are each 19.6 m (64 ft.) in length with a diameter of 2.68 m (8ft. 10 in.). Each of their single RD-107A engines uses liquid oxygen (LOX) as fuel and Kerosene as an oxidizer, delivering 838.5 kN (188,500 lb.) of thrust and a burn time of 118 seconds.

Watch Live:

Launch coverage begins: Wednesday, June 14 at 05:00 EDT (09:00 UTC).

Docking coverage begins: Friday, June 16 at 07:00 EDT (11:00 UTC).

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