Images credit & copyright: Daniel LaShomb.

Earlier this week I took a drive to Sugar Hill, New Hampshire to see how the lupines were looking and wasn’t disappointed as they appeared to be in full bloom. These images that I captured here show the plight of night sky imaging because even though I’m happy with these shots, it was a miserable night sky.  First, getting the Milky Way over St. Matthews Chapel while the lupines are in bloom has a few parts to it.  Obviously they need to be in bloom but you also need to have no moon and in this image the moon had just risen stage left which meant no night sky imaging this night.  You may notice a small section of the Milky Way at the extreme left of the top image as well.  I needed about two more hours before the Milky Way moved into position and as I said, the moon had erased that opportunity.  So what’s that mean?  Well, it means that I’m on the clock as the lupines peak for only a few weeks a year and new moon week is coming up.  Throw in a clear night that I’m not working and this should be the year that I get the shot as I’ve been trying for three years.  Why can’t they just bloom in August?

I captured the next set of images the same night at Coffin Pond in Franconia, New Hampshire. I’ve shot the Milky Way here a few times so I wasn’t too disappointed when I saw that the moon had already risen and all but erased the night sky.  After a day or so, these images really grew on me as they create a dream-like view where it almost looks as if you can see the faint Milky Way and stars during the day when it is in fact the moon rising to the left.  Add in the foggy surface of the water and Coffin Pond really comes to life.  Just get out and shoot; you never know what you’ll come up with.

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