Spontaneous Drive

Image credit & copyright: Daniel LaShomb.

Summer is busy season at work which means I’m there way too much. It also means that its Milky Way season, so when I had a look outside at 23:00 Tuesday night to see that after three days of clouds and rain it was finally clear, I had to go for a drive. Leaving that late meant that scouting a location pre-dark so I could see was out of the question and it also meant that I couldn’t go too far.  In the end I chose a couple locations about an hour away that I knew had easy to get to shooting spots.  No climbing, no swimming, no bears (hopefully) and no chance of getting lost.  The downfall to that was being so close, there was still quite a bit of light pollution in the area.

The first two images were taken alongside Kezar Lake in Sutton, New Hampshire. One was roughly Southwest facing to get the Milky Way while the other is facing Northwest and as to be expected, there’s no Milky Way in the image.  For whatever reason, I just liked how the image came out.

The third image was about 15 minutes away in New London, New Hampshire where Kidder Brook runs into Little Sunapee Lake. The location was great but as I left late, the Milky Way was already out of position for the shot I was hoping to get.  I’ll have to return here soon.

The fourth and final shot was actually the first stop of the night and it was at Gile Pond in Sutton, New Hampshire. The location and angle was great but the light pollution at the horizon right where the Milky Way meets Earth was pretty bad.

I hope you all enjoy these images, as always feel free to use with credit and I hope you all get out and see our home star city for yourself.


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