The Land Down Under; A Perspective Anew

Image credit & copyright: Sean Parker.

Let’s kick our weekend off with a new image from Sean Parker that he captured during a recent trip to Australia. Let me paint you a picture here, not that you need me to for such an amazing location.  Australia is roughly the size of the United States with even more coastline and a population not of 300 million plus, but of just 24 million.  What’s that mean?  Well that equates to a massive land area, beautiful and relatively untouched to travel and explore.  If you haven’t been (this includes myself) then it must go on your destinations list.

In this image, is there anything that you find unusual? Well, you won’t think that it’s unusual if you live in the Southern Hemisphere but yes, the Milky Way is “upside down” relative to how we see it here in the Northern Hemisphere and sometimes, a new perspective is just what the universe ordered.  Have a great weekend and check out more of Sean’s work in the links below.





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