Reflection Nebula IC 4605

Image credit & copyright: Adam Block/Mt Lemmon Sky Center/University of Arizona.

Roughly 400 light years away in the constellation Scorpius the scorpion, and in the amazing Rho Ophiuchi Complex is this beautiful blue reflection nebula cataloged as IC 4605. With an apparent magnitude of 4.8, the star 22 Scorpii can be seen without aid but if you want to see the accompanying blue nebula you will certainly need some time collecting data so Adam Block did this for us as he’s done time and time again. It’s believed that this star doesn’t generate enough energy to ionize the region, rendering it aglow with a brilliant red hue. The blue that we see in this image is mainly from starlight being scattered throughout the area.

Name: IC 4605

What is it?: Star 22 Scorpii or HD 148605 w’ surrounding reflection nebula. The star is a B-type main sequence star with a stellar classification f B3 V.

How big is it?: Roughly 6 solar masses and 335 times the Sun’s luminosity

How far away is it?: About 400 light years

How old is it?: About 10 million years

Apparent Magnitude: 4.8

Where is it (general)?: Scorpius

Where is it (exact RA/Dec J2000)?: RA 16h 31m 12s / Dec -25°06’55”

22 Scorpii (HD 148605) SAO: 184429

Adam Block page for this image:

University of Arizona page for this image:

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