Mount Shasta Milky Way

Image credit & copyright: Jeremy Johnson.

No, Northern California’s looming Mount Shasta hasn’t realized its true potential yet but the Milky Way galaxy sure does substitute as a safe and beautiful plume in this image captured perfectly by Jeremy Johnson. As with all night sky images, the image is just the end result of a grand adventure of planning, traveling, hiking, finding the right angles settings and being one with the elements. Here’s Jeremy’s take on this night’s adventure.

“I’ve had this shot in mind for a long time. Last year it was put on hold because of wild fires, this year after I made my reservation I heard a wild fire broke out just north of here. I kept a close eye on the weather and wind patterns and decided it was a GO. I knew the Milky Way would be visible 1 hour after sunset and the Moon wouldn’t rise till 1 am. I had a favorable wind for most the night but things would change around 11pm and the smell of fire started to fill the air. We hiked through thick volcanic sand that would almost cover your whole boot and fought off bats and all kinds of crazy bugs. Thanks to my Star Walk app I knew the Milky Way would rise exactly over Mount Shasta facing South. I moved around till I found these neat dead branches and aligned them with the Mountain. I took the picture, looked at my display and knew I got my shot.”

I hope you all enjoy this image and be sure to check out more of Jeremy’s work!

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