Uintas Mountains Milky Way

Image credit & copyright: Tracy Lee.

Happy Sunday everyone! It may be the beginning of the end for this weekend but this image from Tracy Lee should help make your transition into the week a little more pleasant. Shot in the Uinta Mountains area, about 100 miles East of Salt Lake City, Utah, this image is a perfect use of foreground, colors and of course, our home star city; the Milky Way Galaxy.

As Milky Way season has passed for those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, shots like this have become impossible but that doesn’t mean that the adventure has to. The cold season has much to offer as you can still get out and focus on imaging startrails, constellations, deep sky objects etc but for me, most of the adventure lies in just being out all night. One of my favorite ways to pass the time is to head out and scope some new locations. Usually by spring I’ll have a small catalog of new areas I want to shoot from during the various Milky Way positions through the year. Hey, even get out and shoot some stuff in the daytime….imagine that!

To the night sky imagers out there, what are your favorite winter activities while you wait for orbit to bring us back around?

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