Galactic Sunflower

Image credit: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

Located 27 million light years away in the constellation of Canes Venatici (the hunting dogs) is this beautiful spiral galaxy cataloged as Messier 63, the “Sunflower Galaxy.” In this close up view of the main body we can see the telltale signs of star formation in the form of young blue and white stars and clusters of stars mixed with a dark web of star forming material. Have a great weekend everyone.

Name: Messier 63, NGC 5055, Sunflower Galaxy

What is it?: Spiral Galaxy

How big is it?: Roughly 100,000 light years in diameter

How far away is it?: About 27 million light years

Apparent magnitude: 9.3 or +9.3

Discovery: Pierre Mechain on June 14, 1779 and added to the Messier catalog later.

Where is it (General)?: Constellation Canes Vanatici (the hunting dogs)

Where is it (Exact RA/Dec J2000)?: 13h 15m 49.3s / +42° 01′ 45″

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