{About Me}

A Little Bit About What I’m Doing……

I created this blog with the intention of it acting as an extension to what I have on Instagram and Twitter. My goal is to inspire and educate those who have the desire to read about and learn more about the universe in which we live. Although a blog isn’t sufficient to fully teach entire topics, it will hopefully give spark to an interest that you can take further into independent research.

I will be detailing some of the endless objects in space, from the solar system to deep sky objects. I will also attempt to educate on the subject of astronomy and give everyone a better understanding to what you are seeing in the night sky all the while, forecasting events such as launches around the world, important dates etc.

Most of the photos I will be using will come from NASA, the various Space Telescopes as well as Land Based Telescopes around the world. That being said I fully intend to use as many Amateur Astronomer as well as Night Sky Photographers works as well in an effort to bring attention, credit and recognition to those who put in hours upon hours creating the works we love. I for one understand the complexities and time one must invest to bring the universe to bear in the form of an image.

Very few photographs will be from me, though I will mention it when on the rare occasion they are. Full credit will be given to those whose photos I use and links to their actual sites will be added for reference when available.

To follow this blog via email you will find the appropriate outlet for signing up at the upper right area of the main page, just under the photo of my telescope and search bar.

The side bar on the main page and on the right allows you to navigate the site and find what you may be looking for more easily.

Thanks a lot everyone, I truly appreciate the support and I will always do my best to respond to each and every one of you.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Danspace77

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/danspace77

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanSpace77

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/DanSpace77/

31 Responses to {About Me}

  1. Ahmed - Kuwait says:

    Astonishing Blog !

    As well as the IG account !

    Thanks for Sharing Knowledge !

    Ahmed, Kuwait.

  2. Ashwin Venkat; @ashwin_venkat (instagram) says:

    Hey Dan! I have been an avid reader and follower of danspace77 on instagram! As a space buff myself, I love your information on the blog as well. But will you be able to expand it into a facebook page as well so that you can reach much more people. Thanks and much appreciated,


    • AstroDan77 says:

      Thanks I really appreciate hearing that. I’d like to have a facebook in the future I’m just taking it slow as to not burn myself out or neglect one over another….but no worries, I will get there.

  3. I have enjoyed your images and comments on Instagram. Todays about Abel 7 reminded me of long-term personal research project into the cycle and re-cycling of matter and soul. I concluded the investigation into astrophysics and metaphysics when I retired 5 years ago and summed it up in a short essay entitled Cosmic Coding. I would enjoy sharing this piece with you if you are interested

  4. Noha A says:

    I am absolutely impressed with the work you’ve done. Astronomy has always been one of my biggest interests. Your blog and instagram account help me get my daily dose of astronomy. Like you said, I often expand and do my own research based on what you post.
    Thank you for all of your hard work! and for making the Universe that much more accessible!

  5. Tony Milano says:

    Rad Work Dan!!!!!! I will share w my KIDS and Spark Their Young Minds!!!! Thank Uuuu…Let’s get you a hat!!! and If you have any ideas how to get my hats out to the NASA world…LMK…Aloha..Thank U Tony..Stay Rad 🙂 http://instagram.com/p/mTqnuiSn_k/

  6. Doug Ingram says:

    Hi Dan. Thanks for all of the incarnations of danspace77. I only started following you on Instagram about a week or so back and I’ve already learnt so much from your little lessons and been amazed over and over at the beauty that’s around and beyond our little planet. Hopefully you can keep up this great work for many years to come.
    Doug Ingram, Australia – @nightscapades on Instagram & Twitter

  7. Colton Constanzo says:

    Hey Dan, how do we submit photos to you? I have a few that I think you’d enjoy.

  8. Sabrina says:

    Hi Dan, we are huge fans on Instagram. Please email me privately.

  9. Here’s another link for your eclipse page: NationalEclipse.com

  10. You have a fantastic blog, I am a great space fan. In December 2013, I have visited the Kennedy Space Center: https://www.volkerhoff.de/space/cape-canaveral/
    Now I follow you blog!
    Galactic greetings from Germany!

  11. Martin Kimeldorf says:

    I thought your time out of mind was one of the most profound and poetic post I have read I have written many books in my time and I’m going to work on a final poetry book I’d like to write some homes based on your Eskimo Mask post and give you credit for inspiring them i’d also like to use that image if I can understand what my rights are Be happy to talk with you on the phone or via email so please let me know how this strikes you

  12. Lynn Corriss says:

    You have certainly inspired and educated me!!
    Your explanations and pictures are so informative. I always look forward to reading your posts. Don’t ever stop!!

    • AstroDan77 says:

      Thanks so much, that really means a lot. I’ve been having a pretty slow year so far but if I can keep a couple posts every week I’m happy.


  13. Dan – your site is a treasure trove of exactly the information and images I’ve been looking for. I’m writing a memoir and right now am on the chapter called “Sunbeams and Crepuscular Rays”. The theme of my book is about the “two cultures” – science and art/humanities – which run through my life. When it comes to the sky and space, the examples are numerous and rich as you well know. I live in the desert, and for years I thought my amazement at seeing the Earths shadow and so many other phenomena was an experience that few people noted or appreciated. Reading your blog and
    photos, and searching around the web has taught me how wrong I was and that I am not alone. Thanks so much for this terrific resource. I hope you keep at it.
    Best of luck,

    Peter Crown, PhD
    Tucson, AZ

    • AstroDan77 says:

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate that. I believe that more people would be into these things if not amazed by them if they knew about them. Almost weekly I talk to people at work etc. about these things and they almost always have no idea until I tell them about them. It feels good to help but at the same time it illustrates how much educating we still have to do.


    • Martin Kimeldorf says:

      Hello Peter I like your comment on Dan space. I’m finishing my last title now and enclose a small chapter of poems inspired by Dan space images and observations. Would you like to see a copy of a chapter?

  14. Zack Weil says:

    Hi Dan,

    I second all of the wonderful things said about you and your site. I’m a huge fan, and I sincerely value all of the hard work you put into ensuring people know and remain passionate about the continuing journey of manned spaceflight.

    I’m a filmmaker and life-long space enthusiast in Los Angeles producing a film called “When We Were Apollo,” a story we’re looking to complete in time for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 in 2019–one that shares never-before-seen accounts of some of the everyday people who worked on Project Apollo.

    I’d love to discuss the project as well as potential ways to collaborate with you and your audience in greater detail. Please take a moment to check out the project website at http://whenwewereapollo.com. Thanks so much, and look forward to hearing back from you!


    Zack Weil

  15. Mark says:

    I’d like to collect photography of space related events. How would I go about doing that? Galleries?

    • AstroDan77 says:

      I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. Many companies like ULA, SpaceX etc have Flickr accounts and entities such as NASA have many diferent image outlets. If you ever have a few in mind I can try to dig some up.

  16. Thank you Dan from bohinventing for all you do for the Space people.

    Do me a favor and read, and consider supporting the movement. If I can just change a few minds then together we can kick this wonderful project in motion… https://www.change.org/p/offices-in-command

  17. Lee Kerry says:

    Really great blogg Dan & though I’ve been a subscriber for quite awhile, (lurker, lol), I’ve only started to get into it, especially as when I am trying to show the wonder and majesty of the Universe to my 4yr old Grandson. I read somewhere here that you used an 8″ telescope. If I bought one, would I see anything like you show considering the dreaded light pollution here, (btw thats just o/s London UK) in Gravesend? Thank you, Lee.

    • AstroDan77 says:

      My apologies on the late reply, I’ve really been slacking lately. Light pollution makes a huge impact but you will still be able to observe the moon and planets (especially Jupiter and Saturn) with it no problem. Other objects such as some open star clusters are pretty fantastic and also easily visible in relatively well lit areas. As a general rule, I tell people that nebula never look as good as they do in the images as the more light you gather the more color you can make an image of but personally, I’ve never been able to get an image of Jupiter or Saturn that looks as good as it does in the eyepiece.The first time that you see Saturn and realize its a billion miles away is a hell of an experience. 4 years old is a great age to get them involved. It’s something that they can admire for a lifetime.


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