My Email to Congress

To whom it may concern,

We as a nation need to make a course correction with respect to the current direction of our future.

NASA, STEM, our manned spaceflight program as well as the field of planetary sciences need to be funded properly by the President and Congress. The leadership of the country has, and continues to fail the single most powerful source of inspiration that our country has to offer our future generations.

The industry that the space program creates is unparalleled. Entire sectors of industry emerge from within its operations, simply out of necessity as the program reaches for new heights and works tirelessly to meet new challenges. The inventing, designing, engineering, production and testing that is necessary to meet our goals drives the scientific, technological and financial ROI that our nation is later rewarded with. That point cannot be overstated and or denied historically as well as in today’s markets.

Humanity has always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in an attempt to advance society and those that were successful were always greatly rewarded for their risk. Today, Earth and humanity as a whole is on the cusp of a new and even more fruitful frontier. Asteroid mining promises to change the world and drive a technological industry that it creates along the way. The material reward reaped from this monumental endeavor is going to change the face of economics. Maybe, even one day the lessons learned through asteroid manipulation will save our civilization should a mountain of space debris shows up with all of our names on it.

Eventually, like it or not, in one way or another, we must abandon our great Earth. Technological, political and monetary factors aside, the future survival of our species is counting on manned spaceflight to be ready and capable to one day deliver us to a new home. It is easy today, to take this most important thought with a grain of salt as it is not a pressing issue but the time to move our species to a new star system is not moments before catastrophe; then it will be much too late. We have learned to crawl, but the baby steps toward successful, permanent human spaceflight must to be taken now if we ever hope to be able to run and or defend when the time calls for us to do so. As the late Carl Sagan laid it out ever so gracefully “All civilizations become either space-faring or extinct.”

The boundaries of human achievement will be advanced and I strongly recommend that those boundaries are advanced by the world community and of course, with the United States showing the way.

I sincerely thank you for your time

Daniel H. LaShomb

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