Universal Time (UTC)


This page is created to briefly detail Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). And yes, I know, the initials UTC do not match Coordinated Universal Time….I will explain later. My intention is that after reading this, maybe a time or two, you will have an understanding of universal time well enough so you know what universal time zone you reside in and can convert universal time into your local time zone. For the sake of ease, I will refer to Coordinated Universal Time as UTC.

UTC is the accepted standard in modern time keeping around the world. Its precise form of time keeping gets its exacting precision from the atomic clock and is primarily expressed in the 24 hour clock or Military Time format which I have detailed in a previous page. UTC is often referred to as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) though it is slightly more specific than GMT and uses cesium atomic clocks vs. the Sun for its timekeeping and adjusts periodically. For general purpose it’s safe to confuse the two without major issues.

UTC, like GMT is a form of timekeeping that begins and ends at midnight. Beginning at zero degrees longitude, all points east of that zone are + zones, all points west are – zones and those times and zones are unchanging. That is, of course unless your country utilizes Daylight Savings Time then you just have to adjust.

FOR EXAMPLE: I live on the east coast of the United States so I am at UTC -5. The west coast of the United States is UTC -8. When we “Spring Forward” into daylight savings we are still in UTC -5 but we just have to keep in mind that because of our country using daylight savings we are 4hr behind until we “Fall Back”. The west coast would still be UTC -8 but just know that you are only 7hr behind during daylight savings.

If it’s 2200 UTC then at UTC -5 it is only 1700 EST or 1400 PST. When we are in daylight savings and its 2200 UTC we are 1800 EDT or 1500 PDT.
It may sound like a lot but trust me it’s a very simple time keeping system that never changes.

NOW, for the name vs. the acronym; back when all of this came about France wanted to call it Temps Universel Coordinne (TUC) while the United States wanted to call it Coordinated Universal Time (CUT). After discussion they compromised at calling it Coordinated Universal Time with the acronym (UTC). I know, I know…..

TIME AND DATE a great site for all your time & date needs: http://www.timeanddate.com/

UTC explained: http://www.timeanddate.com/time/aboututc.html

US NAVAL OBSERVATORY UTC explained: http://aa.usno.navy.mil/faq/docs/UT.php

Berkeley SETI at Home UTC page: http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/utc.php

Basic UTC Zone Map: http://educypedia.karadimov.info/library/karte-0-9027-en.gif


0 = London, England
0 = Reykjavik, Iceland
0 = Lisbon, Portugal
0 = Dakar, Senegal
-3 = Nuuk, Greenland
-3 = Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
-3 = Sao Paulo, Brazil
-3 = Buenos Aires
-4 = Halifax, Nova Scotia
-4 = Santo Domingo,
-4 = Santiago, Chile
-4 = Paranal, Chile (VLT)
-5 = Toronto, Canada
-5 = Montreal, Canada
-5 = Epping, New Hampshire, USA
-5 = Boston, Massachusetts, USA
-5 = NYC, New York, USA
-5 = Washington DC, USA
-5 = Atlanta, Georgia, USA
-5 = Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA
-5 = Orlando, Florida, USA
-5 = Miami, Florida, USA
-5 = Panama City, Panama
-5 = Lima, Peru
-6 = Chicago, Illinois, USA
-6 = New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
-6 = Dallas, Texas, USA
-6 = Houston, Texas, USA
-6 = San Antonio, Texas, USA
-6 = Cancun, Mexico
-6 = Mexico City, Mexico
-7 = Calgary, Canada
-7 = Denver, Colorado, USA
-8 = Vancouver, Canada
-8 = Seattle, Washington, USA
-8 = Portland, Oregon, USA
-8 = Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
-8 = Area 51, Nevada, USA
-8 = Phoenix, Arizona, USA
-8 = San Francisco, California, USA
-8 = Los Angeles, California, USA
-8 = San Diego, California, USA
-9 = Anchorage, Alaska, USA
-10 = Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

+14 = Kiritimati Island, Kiribati (Christmas Island) is the 1st place in the world to see the new day each day because of its proximity to the International Date Line.

+12 = Auckland, New Zealand
+10 = Sydney, Australia
+9 = Seoul, South Korea
+9 = Tokyo, Japan
+8 = Beijing, China
+8 = Shanghai, China
+8 = Hong Kong, China
+8 = Manila, Philippines
+8 = Singapore
+8 = Kuala Lumpur,
+8 = Perth, Australia
+7 = Bangkok, Thailand
+7 = Jakarta, Indonesia
+6h30m =
+6 = Astana, Russia
+5h45m = Kathmandu,
+5h30m = Delhi, India
+5h30m = Bombay (Mumbai), India
+5 = Karachi, Pakistan
+4h30m = Kabul, Afghanistan
+4 = Dubai
+3h30m = Teheran, Iran
+3 = Moscow, Russia
+3 = Baghdad, Iraq
+2 = Helsinki, Finland
+2 = Athens, Greece
+2 = Istanbul, Turkey
+2 = Telaviv, Israel
+2 = Cairo, Egypt
+2 = Cape Town, South Africa
+1 = Oslo, Norway
+1 = Stockholm, Sweden
+1 = Warsaw, Poland
+1 = Berlin, Germany
+1 = Rome, Italy
+1 = Paris, France
+1 = Madrid, Spain
+1 = Algiers, Algeria
+1 = Luanda, Angola
+1 = Windhoek, Nambia

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